About PK-Collection

PK-Collection helps people understand the topics of materialization, dematerialization and levitation through explanation and teaching. For the PK-Collection, there was much consideration and thought put into the decision which eye-witness accounts were to be included. The aspect of “reliability” was the main focus point as well “verifiability” being of utmost importance. In the end, it was decided to me only published observations of scientists who observed theses phenomena are named. These quotations from eye-witnesses form the heart of the PK-Collection. The terms of admission of new psychokinesis contributions must be strictly adhered to. For example, the “verifiability” of the source of information must be ensured, either in film form (documentary films, TV interviews, TV lectures) or in print form (books). Images of the books or scientific journals will be pictured next to the quotes including page and chapter. Films have the minute listed where the quote can be found.

The PK-Collection also offers background information regarding the eye-witnesses.

This homepage is in German and English and can be regulated by typing on the German or English Flag at the upper page margin.

You, the viewer, are welcome to send any leads or relevant information regarding new eye-witness accounts via email. These leads will be examined to see if they hold up to the standards of the PK-Collection. We want to insure continuous growth of high quality accounts.

The PK-Collection is unique in that it does not pursue any economic interests. The authors of books mentioned in this collection do not receive any payment, nor does this platform serve any form of advertising. The only possible exception maybe YouTube films, which are not through by PK-Collection.

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