Terms of admission for eye-witness accounts

Surely some of you will be surprised and wonder why in this collection several famous scientists are missing; such as the German physician and psychologist Professor Dr. Hans Bender or the British physicist Dr. Arthur Ellison, who both dedicated their lives to the study of this subject. One explanation can be that we are not aware of publications from these people or that the following conditions were not fulfilled. These need to be fulfilled by each eye-witness, so that their report is taken up in this collection:

  1. The eye-witness is academic.
  2. The eye-witness observed a levitation, a materialization or a dematerialization.
  3. The observations of the eye-witness were published in book or film form (documentary film, TV-interview or – lecture).
  4. The reporting takes place in the “I” form for example: “I saw the table floating for a few minutes with all four legs in air”. As alternative the “we” form or “one” form can be accepted.
  5. The reporting may be too general, as it was in the following case example: “I observed a number of physical anomalies, which did not fit within the usual scientific framework. ”
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