About the eye-witnesses

Albrecht, Dr. Hans (GER)
Dr. med. Hans Albrecht is a private lecturer of gynaecology in Munich.

(Source: Experiments with movement from afar (telekinesis) – in the psychological institute of the University of Munich and in the laboratory of the writer. Author: Dr. med. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing, publishing house: Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart/Berlin/Leipzig, 1924)

Braude, Prof. Dr. Stephen E. (USA)
Stephen E. Braude was educated at Oberlin, the University of London, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received his PhD in Philosophy in 1972. He has taught since 1971 at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he has been professor of philosophy since 1987. He was chair of the department from 1998 to 2005.

(Source: The Gold Leaf Lady and other parapsychological investigations, Autor: Prof. Stephen E. Braude, Verlag: The University of Chicago Press 2007)

Crawford, Prof. Dr. W.J. (GB)
English engineer W.J. Crawford, Dr. Sc., Professor of physics at the University of Belfast, author of several physical works, had in the years 1915 and 1916 undertaken experimental research of the mediumistic phenomena of physical order and put it into two interesting and instructive books.

(Source: Physikalische Phaenomene des Mediumismus – Studien zur Erforschung der Telekinetischen Vorgänge, Seite 116, Autor: Dr. Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing, Verlage von Ernst Reinhardt, München 1920)

Crookes, Sir William (GB)
(1832-1919), Significant English physicist and chemist, discoverer of thallium (1891), from 1896 to 1899 president of the S.P.R. (Society for Physical Research). In the field of parapsychology, he was mainly interested in the physical phenomenon of the mediumism. Amongst others, he worked with the mediums Florence, Cook and Home and thereby developed various devices to technically control the phenomena. According to Richet the “scientific period” of parapsychology began with the works of Crookes. Although Crookes gave up on the experiments after some time he never denied his “parapsychological phase”. After 1916, the year of the death of his wife, he believed that he was able to communicate with the ghost of the deceased. 

(Source: Lexicon of the Parapsychology, author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, publishing house: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Driesch, Prof. Dr. Hans (GER)
(1867-1941), German biologist and philosopher. He supported an anti-materialistic vitalism whereby he relied partly on the definition of the Aristotelian entelechy concept (instead of saying Entelechy, Driesch sometimes used the word Psychoid). Driesch found a confirmation for his philosophical teachings in parapsychology. He is the author of the first parapsychological methodology: Parapsychology the science of the “occult” phenomena.
(1932, 1967), 1926-1927 he was president of the S.P.R. (Society for Physical Research). He was also benevolent regarding astrology.

(Source: Lexicon of Parapsychology, author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, publishing house: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Eisenbud, Dr. Jule (USA)
Born in New York, Jule Eisenbud was educated at Columbia College and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he acquired the title “Dr. med” and also the doctoral title of medical science. From 1938 – 1959 he practiced in New York as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and at the same time as lecturer in psychiatry at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. Since 1950, Dr. Eisenbud lived in Colorado, Denver where he continued to practice and work as a professor for psychiatry at the University of Colorado Medical School. He is member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association and the American Society for Psychical Research. Dr. Eisenbud is married and has three children.

(Source: Photographed thought – The PSI photo-images of Ted Serios – with an introduction of Prof. Dr. Hans Bender, author: Dr. med. Jule Eisenbud, publishing house: Aurum Verlag GmbH & Co KG, Freiburg in the Breisgau, 1975, ISBN 3 591 00002 7)

Falcomer, Prof. Dr. Markus Tullius (ITA)
Licentiate at the royal university in Venice as well as ordinary professor of jurisprudence at the Royal Technical University of Alexandria and member of multiple national and international psychological societies, Ritter pp.

(Source: From what I observed – my own research on the sparsely covered field of lesser known human ability, author: Prof. Dr. jur. Markus Tullius Falcomer, publishing house: Oswald Mutze Leipzig, 1901)

Flournoy, Prof. Théodore (CH)
(1854-1920) Swiss psychologist, professor in Geneva, who dealt intensively with parapsychological research. From early on, he sent out questionnaires about “Apparitions of the dying” and assisted investigations concerning the medium, Paladino. But he was mainly known through his work with Helene Smith.

(Source: Lexicon of parapsychology, author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, publishing house: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Fontana, Prof. Dr. David G. J. (GB)
David G. J. Fontana is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Founder Chair of its Transpersonal Psychology Section, Past President and current Vice President of the Society for Psychical Research, and Chair of the SPR Survival Research Committee. He is Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Cardiff University, and Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. His Many best-selling books have been translated into 25 languages.

(Source: Is there an Afterlife? by David Fontana, published by O-Books, 2005, ISBN 190381690-4)

Geley, Dr. Gustave (FRA)
Gustav Geley (1860-1924) was a French physician, psychical researcher and director of the Institutes Metapsychique International from 1919 to 1924. [1] (Source: www.wikipedia.org)

In a lecture on „the supernormal physiology and the phenomena of the ideoplastic “ the well-known psychologist and physician Dr. Gustave Geley (Paris) discussed the metapsychic phenomena, i.e. with their physiological side.

(Source: Physikalische Phaenomene des Mediumismus – Studien zur Erforschung der telekinetischen Vorgänge, Seite 194, Autor: Dr. Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing, Verlag von Ernst Reinhardt, München 1920)

Gerloff, Dr. Hans (GER)
Dr. Hans Gerloff is the author of several books dealing with telekinesis (movement from afar) and teleplastic (materialisation) for example:

  • Materialisation – the Phantoms of Copenhagen – the medium Einer Nielsen, author: Dr. Hans Gerloff, publishing house Dr. Gerlach, Munich 1956
  • The Healings of Lourdes in the light of parapsychology, author: Dr. Hans Gerloff, publishing house: Wlet und Wisse, Büdingen-Gettenbach 1959
  • The medium Carlos Mirabelli, author: Dr. Hans Gerloff, publishing house: Walter Pustet, Tittmoning/Obb., 1960

(Source: Research by PK-Collection)

Greber, Johannes (GER)
Johannes Greber was born on the 2nd of May 1874 in Wenigerath, Bernkastel. After successfully passing high school exams he joined a seminary in Trier and there he studied Catholic theology. On the 1st of May 1904 he took over his first pastorate in Obergondershausen in the Hunsrück. Because the next doctor was 20 km away in Boppard, Greber, who had also would have liked to study medicine, started to investigate the treatment of illnesses. In this day and age illnesses were cured with home remedies and the laying on of hands. He used medicinal herbs and Kneipp’s water treatments. Only in later years did he act to a greater extent as a spiritual healer in the USA. After working for eleven years in Obergondershausen as a pastor, Greber took leave of absence as from the 31st of May 1915 to take on a position as director of the Farmers’ Association of Middle Rhein-Nassau. But he stayed there only until the 28th of July 1916. In the last legislative period of the German Empire he was member of the parliament in 1918. On the 31st of May 1921 he became the pastor of the pastorate Kell in the Brohl valley. In 1929 he migrated to the USA where he worked as a pastor and died on the 31st of March 1944.

(Source: Johannes Greber – His Life and his Works, author: Werner Schiebeler, publishing house: Martin Weber Schutterwald, 1998, ISBN 3-9805119-1-X.)

Gruber, Prof. Dr. Karl (GER)
Dr. Karl Gruber is Professor of Zoology at the Polytechnic in Munich.

(Source: Experiments in Movement from afar (telekinesis) – In the psychological institute of the Munich University and in the author’s laboratory, Author: Dr. med. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing, Publisher: Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart / Berlin / Leipzig, 1924)

Gruber, Karl (1881-1927), German physician and zoologist, full professor in Munich. Gruber came to Parapsychology through observations on the Elberfelder horses and the dog Rolf. He set up self-experiments (automatisms) and worked together with Schrenck-Notzing and Tischner; participated in sessions with the brothers Schneider and other media, and dealt, among other things, with the question of telepathy between mother and child.

Works: Materialization in the Sick, 1924; Parapsychological findings, Munich 1925; Telepathy with Mother and Child, Leipzig 1926; Occultism and Biology, Munich, 1930.

(Source: Lexikon of Parapsychology, Author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, Publisher: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Grunewald, Fritz (GER)
He was an engineer, born in Berlin and died in 1925. Since 1906 he was dealing with parapsychological questions and developed a laboratory for parapsychology. Its design and instrumentation (Weighing scale for a medium, scale for weighing a phantom, automatic register equipment, stripping table etc.) were presented at the parapsychological congress of Copenhagen in 1921. It served as model for similar laboratories in Paris and London (detailed description in Grunewald 1921). Grunewald worked with the mediums Guzyk and Nielsen.

(Source: Lexicon of Parapsychology, author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, publishing house: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Hasted, Prof. John (GB)
John Hasted is Professor of Experimental Physics and Head of Department at Birkbeck College, University of London. Born in 1921, he has worked all his life in Atomic and Molecular Physics, and has published several books and more than one hundred and fifty scientific papers.

(Source: The Metal-Benders, Author: Prof. John Hasted, Verlag Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., London 1981, ISBN 0-7100-0597-0)

Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Hellmut (A)
The author, em. o. Univ. – Professor Dr. Hellmut Hofmann was born 1921 in Vienna/Austria. He studies technical physics, which were concluded after being released as prisoner of war in 1955 doctorate, in 1958 habilitation for theoretical electro-technology, in 1964 non-tenured, 1965 tenured professor and member of the board at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Vienna Technical University. There he was dean of the university from 1972-74.

(Source: PSI die “andere Wirklichkeit”, Autor: Professor Dr. Hellmut Hofmann, Verlag edition va Bene, Wien 2001, ISBN 3-85167-111-2)

Keil, Dr. Hans Jürgen (AUS)
Herbert Hans Jürgen Keil was born in Freiburg, Germany, on May 30, 1930. As a young man he emigrated to Australia, settling on the island of Tasmania. He attended the University of Tasmania at Hobart and earned his B.A. degree in 1957, followed by a Dip. Ed. in 1959 and B.A. hons. in 1960. He was a Teaching Fellow in the university’s Department of Psychology for the 1960-1961 academic year and later a Lecturer in Psychology before earning his Ph.D. in Psychology from the same institution. He has now retired from teaching but retains the status of Emeritus Professor. (Source: www.jamesgmatlock.net)

Kerner, Dr. Justinus (GER)
Kerner, Dr. Justinus Justinus Kerner (born 1786 in Ludwigsburg/Germany, died 1862 in Weinsberg/Germany) was a poet, physician and medical writer. As a physician he studied spiritualism, occultism as well as somnambulism. He became famous through the clinical description of the bacterial food poisoning, botulism.

(Source: Die Seherin von Prevost, Autor: Dr. med. Justinus Kerner, J.F. Steinkopf Verlag, Kiel 2012, ISBN 978-3-7984-0815-9)

Koch, Dr. Kurt E. (GER)
Dr. Kurt E. Koch, born in November 1913. After the study of theology and further studies medicine, he received a doctor of theology degree at the University of Tübingen in Germany. Pastoring for 22 years of the Lutheran church of Baden, predominantly in youth work and evangelism. Subsequently, he established and directed a Bible mission. Afterwards, he was a missionary and evangelistic traveler into over 100 countries with lectures at universities, seminars, Bible schools and in many churches on all continents.

(Source: Besessenheit und Exorzismus – Aus meinem Leben – Teile VII-VII, Autor: Dr. theol. Kurt E. Koch, Brunnen Verlag, Basel 1981)

Lebrecht-Thümel, Dr. Olga (GER)
Dr. med. Olga Lebrecht-Thümel is currently working as a neurologist in Marburg.

(Source: Experiments with movement from afar (telekinesis) – in the psychological institute of the University of Munich and in the laboratory of the writer. Author: Dr. med. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing, publishing house: Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart/Berlin/Leipzig, 1924)

Lucadou, Dr. Dr. Walter von (GER)
Walter von Lucadou studied physics and psychology and received his Dr. rer. nat. and Dr. phil. doctorates. In 1989 he founded the state promoted Parapsychological Advisory Board in Freiburg and has directed it since then. Lucadou lectured at universities and schools and among other things PSI advised the makers of the ARD documentation DIMENSION.

(Source: Die Geister, die mich riefen, Autor: Dr. Dr. Walter von Lucadou, Bastei Lübbe Verlag, 2012, ISBN 978-3785760734)

Pauli, Prof. Dr. E. (GER)
Dr. E. Pauli is Professor of Physics at the University of Jena.

(Source: Experiments in Movement from afar (telekinesis) – In the psychological institute of the Munich University and in the author’s laboratory, author: Dr. med. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing, Publisher: Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart / Berlin / Leipzig, 1924)

Richet, Prof. Charles (FRA)
Charles Richet, born on 26, August 1850 in Paris, as a son of the surgeon and medical officer Alfred Richet. He studied at the school Claude Bernards and Pasteurs. He taught as a Prof. of Physiology from 1887 onwards in the Faculty of Medicine, Paris. In him was one of the greatest natural scientists of our time, equipped with universal knowledge and first ranked creatively active mind. For his extraordinary earnings to the science he was appointed membership to „Institut de France “and was distinguished with the Nobel Prize.

(Source: Grundriss der Parapsychologie und Parapsychophysik, Gleitwort von Dr. A. Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing, Autor: Professor Charles Richet, Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart/Berlin/Leipzig 1923)

Schrenck-Notzing, Dr. Albert von (GER)
German doctor and parapsychologist (1862-1929). As a student Schrenck-Notzing learnt hypnotism and the possibilities of suggestion therapy. Personal encounters with Du Prel, von Hartmann and Hellenbach brought up more questions in him about philosophy, psychology and occultism. Further fuel was added at several study visits in France where he, amongst other things, obtained knowledge of hypnotic psychotherapy at Bernheim together with Freud. A meeting with Richet in 1889 was also very important. As a result of this meeting Schrenck-Notzing translated the parapsychologic works of Richet and continued his own research on the field of ESP (extra-sensory perception). He presented a first report as early as 1891 in the Proceedings of the S.P.R. (Society for Psychical Research). Schrenck-Notzing worked as a general practitioner. Besides that, he worked scientifically on the suggestion teachings and made a name for himself in the forensic psychiatry. He grew more and more interested in the problem of the physical mediumism. He held sessions with the most famous mediums of his time, partly in his laboratory in Munich. The leading mediums were Eva C., Eglinton, Gazerra, Kluski, Tomcyk and above all the brothers Schneider and Paladino. Schrenck-Notzing saw his main task as finding the phenomena and he considered their explanation to be of secondary importance. He certainly had a distinct tendency towards animism.

(Source: Lexicon of Parapsychology, author: Dr. Werner F. Bonin, publishing house: Scherz Bern and Munich, 1976)

Schwab, Dr. Friedrich (GER)
The German physician, astrologer and theosophist Dr. med. Friedrich Schwab was born on 12. January 1878 at 6:00 am LMT in Heidelberg, he died on 18. August 1946 in the same place. Friedrich Schwab was first a piano-maker, but then on the advice of Rudolf Steiner studied medicine and practiced as a homeopathic physician in Berlin. He was member of the Board of the German Society for Occultism, founder of the Heidelberger theosophical Lodge and following Dr. Herbert Fritsche, who is known as “the clairvoyant esoteric and superior connoisseur of the occult training path”, as the second expert. In Franz Hartmann he found a friend and teacher on his spiritual journey. (Source: www.wiki.astro.com)

Zöllner, Prof. Dr. Friedrich
Zöllner was born in Berlin on 8th November 1834. Since 1855 he studied first in Berlin then in Basel where he obtained his Doctorate in 1859 with his discourse “photometric research”. In 1865 he habilitated in Leipzig and became professor the next year and in 1872 full professor for astrophysics. He developed an extraordinarily active scientific working habit, not – to use his phrase – as a “cobbler” by having written worthy work with diligence and perseverance, no. He saw problems where others had not seen any. He was just an entirely original, yes brilliant, head.

(Source: The Fourth Dimension and Occultism – about the fourth dimension and Zöllner’s spiritual experiments with Henry Slade, author: Dr. Friedrich Zöllner, publishing house: Bohmeier Leipzig 2008, ISBN 978-3-89094-573-06)

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