What is psychokinesis?

Perhaps you´d simply like to view the documentary film in German which can be found at the bottom of this page? However, it begins unfortunately like most documentary films on this subject, somewhat gruesome accompanied with dramatic music. There is no cause to be afraid, because it concerns a completely natural thing. All fear subsides when you understand how it works and whats it about. In addition, you can read simply the following definitions.

The Nobel Prize laureate Professor Charles Richet (FRA) answers the question as follows:
“We may formulate the principle of telekinesis as such: under certain conditions even large and heavy bodies can be set in motion without contact and without the intervention of any known mechanical power”. (Page 334) “The telekinesis, i.e. a mechanical effect, which completely deviates from the known mechanical forces; it is exercised under certain conditions without contact, from a distance, on liveless articles or on people”. (Page 25 of the preface)

(Source: Layout of the Parapsychology and Parapsychophysics, author: Prof. Charles Richet, page 25 of the foreword, publishing house: Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart/Berlin/Leipzig, 1923)

Dr. Hans Gerloff (GER) answers this question as follows:
“In this sense telekinesis* is the direct movement of lighter or heavier objects without mechanical contact as caused by a physical mediating influence on the part of a living person. When, for instance, at a so-called table-moving, the participants place their hands on the table and merely touch it lightly (this contact is measurable) and the table begins to knock or to tilt to be able to almost hover, or during the course of psychographics, some people place a finger very lightly onto the apparatus and it starts to run on its own. One must therefore assume that these motor automatisms develop a combined energy that develops into a force field, so that the table is charged and exerts a potentially physical effect emanating from the physical impulse of those seated, to overcome the normal force of gravity. One might attribute this to a kind of magnetism or whatever else you call it. One could explain that these messages were sent from the subconscious of the seated person. But if the same table is touched very lightly and then starts to walk clumsily on its legs through the room because it complies to the wishes of a remotely seated person or even moves violently and starts to jump, this explanation is doubtful. But when the table then even starts to walk through the room or slides, dances or flies through the air without any contact then our explanation that it must be a direct energy radiation or magnetism, is no longer sufficient unless there should be a transient materialization of gripping elements, restraints, hands, in other cases of rods, pseudopodia, threads of teleplasma etc. emanating from the medium, being used as an aid as they have also been photographically recorded before. Finally, the manifestation of the whole form which performs this complicated telekinesis is possible and even conforms to the wishes of the participants.”

* = or psychokinesis (Annotation of PK-Collection)

(Source: Materialisation – the Phantoms of Copenhagen – the medium Einer Nielsen, author: Dr. Hans Gerloff, page 37-38, chapter: 4. Telekinesis, publishing house Dr. Gerlach, Munich 1956)

The biologist Dr. Michael Nahm (GER) answered the question as follows:
“During Psychokinesis, the mind directly works directly on matter so that an effect can be detected, for example: the movement of an object. Since these events contradict the law of conservation of energy as well as common sense, they cause the greatest disbelief and the most violent protests.”

(Source: Evolution and Parapsychology, author: Dr. Michael Nahm, page 211, publishing house: BoD Verlag GmbH, Norderstedt 2007, ISBN 978-3-8370-0528-8)

The physicist and psychologist Dr. Dr. Walter of Lucadou (GER) answers the question as follows:
“Psychokinesis is on the whole certainly not an everyday phenomenon. Normally we must use our body forces and not our “mental powers”, to obtain physical effects in our environment”.

(Source: PSI-Phenomena – new solutions of the psychokinesis research, author: Dr. Walter of Lucadou, page 45, publishing house: Insel Verlag, Frankfurt 1997, ISBN 978-3-458-33809-3)

(Source: www.nixda78)

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