Falcomer, Prof. Dr. M. T. (ITA)

Book:  From what I observed – my own research on the sparsely covered field of lesser known human ability.

Was ich gesehen habe - Eigene Forschungen auf dem gelichteten Gebiet der weniger bekannten menschlichen Fähigkeiten, Autor: Prof. Dr. Markus Tullius Falcomer, Verlag: Oswald Mutze, Leipzig 1901

Was ich gesehen habe – Eigene Forschungen auf dem gelichteten Gebiet der weniger bekannten menschlichen Fähigkeiten, Autor: Prof. Dr. Markus Tullius Falcomer, Verlag: Oswald Mutze, Leipzig 1901

Chapter: Report on the sessions – the first session.

Page 10+11: “In the process, we touched the table surface only with the tips of our fingers. In order to allow the table to rise completely, we stood on the chairs, that is to say, the armchairs, and the table raised itself three metres above the floor. Immediately I switched on the light and grabbed the table in the air. But this was easier said than done, because the table seemed to be alive and resisted being held, with all its might. In fact, I had to use all my strength to avoid being flung into a corner of the room. We were able to witness this levitation about thirty times, also observed in the light, and it always rose to the same height. At one time it fell to the floor with a tremendous noise but then it complied to our wishes and lowered itself quietly and slowly. The strangest thing to us was that the table turned in the air as if it was being rotated on a spindle. One had the feeling that some invisible force had taken hold of the middle of the table and was turning it.”

Page 11+12: “It was more or less necessary to support the table’s antics by touching its surface lightly with the finger tips. This was not an easy thing to do because its gyrations were random and sudden. Also Miss Nilda had to make sure that her hands touched the table surface all the time and by doing so seemingly gave it some kind of secret energy otherwise its movements would have slowed down and it would have threatened to droop. Although the table swayed back and forth in the air boisterously it never came close to our heads, never once touched the hanging lamp nor the big pastel painting which hung nearby on the wall. The table could easily have broken its thin glass plate. So the table must have come alive through a power which was able to see in the dark! In order to convince myself that, on the one hand, this phenomenon was real (it could easily have been some kind of magic trick) and, on the other, also to prevent possible damage, I quickly lit a match from time to time. Unfortunately, the light seemed to disturb the main source of this phenomenon because it resulted in a great loss of elevation and movement which seemed to die down altogether. In this way we were able to verify, on several occasions that even though it was bright in the room, the table would reach 3-4 cm off the floor and it hovered in the air for quite some time at my bidding, even though we all had taken our hands away from it.”

Chapter: Report on the sessions – the second session.

Page 20: “Not long after forming a chain we observed the first movements of the table. Soon the table lifted one foot into the air and then two until it was eventually hovering free in the air. Once we took our hands away, the hovering continued for a while. Without any contact, the complete levitation did not last very long but it was long enough to prove the existence of this phenomenon under diligent and reliable conditions.”

Chapter: Report on the sessions – the fourth session.

Page 39: “After I had put out the light and waited a few minutes full of expectation, the table finally came to life, began to sway back and forth and moved from one leg to the other. Then suddenly it rose into the air, hovered there and crashed more or less gradually to the ground with a tremendous noise. Obviously I asked the mysterious force to repeat this phenomenon, that is the complete elevation of the table, in bright light. And indeed, three times with a short break, this strange phenomenon took place. The table floated freely in the air without any noticeable support. All this happened reliably and clearly in front of our eyes so that there could not be the slightest doubt.”

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